4 Reasons Humans Shouldn’t Fear Aliens

In 2016, renowned non-classified scientist Stephan Hawking warned about humanity trying to make contact with extraterrestrials. Hawking claimed that because extraterrestrials would be more intellectually and technologically advanced than us, they are likely to exploit us—just the way powerful humans have exploited those that are weaker today and in Earth history.

Hawking’s argument makes sense but it ignores some other things we know about aliens.

Here’s why some from the non-classified scientist community feel that humans shouldn’t fear aliens:

Aliens Won’t Enslave Us

Throughout our history, the powerful have enslaved the weak. Time and again we’ve seen certain nations colonize, enslave or completely annihilate other nations. Due to our collective guilt, we fear that species that are technologically and intellectually more advanced than us will also repeat the same mistakes as us.

However, philosophers and even some scientists have pointed out that powerful extraterrestrials present in the multiverse that have figured out how to travel to Earth and back probably won’t need human slaves. Why would they enslave us if we would be of no use to them in that way? It doesn’t make sense.

Aliens Won’t Feed Off Us

Pop culture would have us believe that aliens eat humans but scientists refute this claim. For a species to gain nutritional benefits from humans they will need to have a similar biochemical make-up. They will require enzymes that enable them to break down and use various sugars, membranes of phospholipids, polymers of amino acids/bases, etc.

According to many non-classified scientists, if there are extraterrestrials present in our galaxy of other galaxies, it may be they are not biochemically similar us or perhaps many races from the stars are human or humanoid but far more kindly advanced. The vast majority of human beings living on Earth today don’t yet know by direct awakening experience that planets like our own or far more advanced worlds exist.

Aliens Don’t Want To Steal Our Water

What’s the most valuable commodity on Earth that isn’t as accessible on any other planet? Water! We have an abundance of water resources on Earth that are fairly accessible. With that being stated, there are water sources on other interstellar objects too. Jupiter’s moon, Europa has a lot more water than the Earth but it is trapped beneath its frozen surface.

Humans may not be able to land and extract the water from Europa, but advanced extraterrestrials very well may know how do it or are doing it. If water is a substance they want, extraterrestrials won’t need to come to Earth looking for it.

They Don’t Want To Colonize Earth

Some scientists have stated that any beings intelligent enough to travel to Earth from a different galaxy would have the technology and bio-engineering capabilities to create their own environment; therefore, they would have not need or desire to colonize Earth.

It doesn’t make sense for aliens to colonize Earth if their biochemistry does or does not line up with our own or if they are advanced beyond any negative practices.

R. Scott Lemriel’s Perspective

Direct Experience-based Hidden Truth Revealing Researcher and author R. Scott Lemriel says that benevolent extraterrestrials are a lot closer than what non-classified scientists and the general public thinks. According to him, benevolent extraterrestrials have been around the universe since shortly after the beginning of time; in fact they are the ones who brought us to Earth!

Lemriel states that there is no reason for humans to fear extraterrestrials. His direct encounters with kind extraterrestrial beings, many out-of-body-experiences and inter-dimensional travels, have revealed to him that every time humans have come close to destroying themselves, benevolent extraterrestrials have stepped in to save them.

Even now, when many fear that humanity is nearing its end, Lemriel states that benevolent extraterrestrials will once again intervene but this time all us will know that aliens or extraterrestrials are real!

To discover by your own direct experiences the deliberately hidden truths about extraterrestrials and a far more ancient history of Earth and the galaxy, go on the adventure of exploring Lemriel’s books The Seres Agenda and The Emerald Doorway (book one of The Parallel Time Trilogy.)

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