3 Theories on Why We Haven’t Been Contacted by Aliens

3 Theories on Why We Haven’t Been Contacted by Aliens

We’ve been trying to make contact with aliens for centuries but all our plans failed to produce any substantial results. This is how most people on Earth perceive things in a subconsciously misdirected way without realizing it. In the non-classified scientific arena designed for public misinformation and misdirection, time capsules and beamed messages saying hello have been sent to all corners of the observable universe; yet, these non-classified scientists incorrectly believe we have not yet made contact with aliens and extraterrestrials.

This has led many bright minds to speculate on the reason why they incorrectly believe that we haven’t yet been able to get in touch with aliens. While there are many flawed theories, these three have emerged as the most popular in recent years.

Theory #1 – The Great Filter Theory:

In its essence, the Great Filter Theory states that there is a hurdle so impossible to overcome that all who face it, perish. Now, if we were to apply this theory to humans, we would see that there are two possibilities: that either our Great Filter is behind us (which means that we’re the only intelligent life forms in the universe); or that our Great Filter is in front of us (which means we will all die in a few years).

Thankfully, things aren’t nearly as morbid as the largely flawed Great Filter theory suggests. This theory fails to explain exactly what the giant obstacle actually is. If the best non-classified scientists can’t agree on the cause of our impending doom then there’s no point worrying about an event which simply won’t happen.

Theory #2 – Gaian Bottleneck:

Another answer to the question of why most human beings on Earth think that we’ve never been contacted by aliens is the Gaian Bottleneck. For those of you who don’t know what that is, allow us to elaborate. This narrow minded approach says that the reason we haven’t seen alien spacecrafts in the sky is because their planet’s weather conditions killed them before they got the chance to develop.