The Hidden Truths Discussed In the Seres Agenda

Thanks to the internet and independent journalism, we’re more aware now than we’ve ever been in the past about how the elite are running the world and that things are not always as they seem.

Just last year, The Pentagon was forced to admit that it had a secret department that was investigating UFOs after a video had been leaked to the public. The authorities may not have confirmed the existence of aliens but they did put aside millions of dollars to investigate them. For too long, government officials have brushed aside reports of alien and UFO encounters but today they can no longer deny their validity or claim these reports were completely false or never happened because they did.

Author and hidden truth revealing researcher R. Scott Lemriel has led a life different from most. His incredible adventures have been filled with exciting direct explorations along a far more ancient past than is known on Earth (discovered in many travels down the past time track).

His many visits to other worlds and contacts with very advanced kind extraterrestrials assisted him to see how the future for Earth has been quite recently dramatically changed for the better – fortunately for all of us who must live on good old planet Earth. At just the age of 5, Scott had his first fully conscious out-of-body experience that began his ongoing journeys to uncover the hidden truth about many wondrous mysteries, including the existence of a vast organization of highly evolved kind extraterrestrials – many of them human but not from Earth.

He has journeyed far into numerous parallel and higher dimensional realities along the course of his life to uncover ever deeper secrets about who we are that is not the body and what our true co-creative destiny really is all about with the ‘Source’ behind and supporting all life and all that exists – what the most advanced kind non-terrestrial races refer to with knowing certainty as ‘Prime Creator.’

During his multidimensional travels, Scott met Masterful benevolent teachers of hidden truth in parallel dimensions on Earth, in higher dimensional realities and out beyond the stars among the most kind advanced extraterrestrial races. They revealed to him an ever-expanding experiential understanding about the true nature of the multidimensional creation that has been kept from humanity and he shares these hidden truths in The Seres Agenda </