Guardians of The Ancient One


The amazing journey is based on the author’s lifetime of experience with benevolent extraterrestrials and their advanced technology and Spirituality. Revealed for the first time is a coming worldwide event that will transform the planet in wondrous entirely unexpected new ways.

A Very important part of the deliberately hidden history or our planet Earth and the solar system is revealed during Guardians of The Ancient One book two of The Parallel Time Trilogy series epic journey. You will begin to recall much that was taken from you without your consent or awareness.
AUTHOR: R. Scott Lemriel
SERIES: The Parallel Time Trilogy (Book Two)
GENRES: First Contact, Spirituality, Paranormal, UFOs, Rare Romance, Time Travel, Journeys Into Parallel & Higher Dimensions, Out Of Body Travel, Benevolent and Malevolent Extraterrestrial Races, Ancient Hidden Earth & Solar System History, and Much More.

Guardians of The Ancient One

(Brief Synopsis)

Uncovering The Truth

This Is the ongoing fast-paced second epic adventure that secretly revolves around present day Earth. While utilizing the combined secret weapons of the United States and Russia, General Harry Faldwell, his new wife Senator Judith Cranston, Captain Kalem, Mayleena, and Etta are thrust into the struggle against Sen Dar’s ongoing attempts to dominate all life on Earth. He recently gained dominant subconscious control over his newly discovered advanced totalitarian space-faring Zon race. He discovers them quite by dramatic accident living and thriving in a close parallel dimension on planet Earth through the misuse of one of The Ancient One’s stolen crystals devices. Note: In the Guardians of The Ancient One Book you will discover not only much more about Kalem, Mayleena, Etta, General Faldwell, and Senator Judith Cranston, but much more about Sen Dar, Master Ra Mu, Admiral Starland, and others in ways that will astound you and stimulate the recall in you regarding much that was taken from you or suppressed in the subconscious domain. This is all reversible and that is the great good news regarding our changing destiny on this currently backward misguided planet Earth.

By: R. S. Lemriel
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